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Trappers Camp- Baited Bear Hunt with Trophy Book Outfitters
2012 - 12 year old Koltin takes his first ever black bear
We started off the season on a very sad note our trapper/guide, Harry, passed away suddenly in Costa Rica. He is sadly missed by all that knew him. The hunters who were scheduled to hunt at our Trappers Camp moved their hunt to the Fly In Camp. We did not hunt the Trappers Camp this spring, not formally anyway. Harry had barrels of bait cached in the woods before going to Costa Rica. I went to the bait caches in late April to clean up and had a father and his twelve year old son helping me. We put some of this bait at three of our bait sites for the first time this season and the next morning we had bears at all the sites. We sat at one of these sites that evening and our first time twelve year old hunter, Koltin shot a beautiful brown-blonde color phased bear with his dad's vintage 1885 Winchester.

Check out the video of this hunt and witness the excitement of the hunt.

Up Close and Personal – An Archery Bear Hunt this Week on Sportsman Channel -Joey Menegatti
Posted on The Sportsman Channel Blog Here:

There he was, only 16 yards away, standing nearly four feet tall on all fours, I came face to face with an opportunity to kill a bear of a lifetime. I'm Joey Menegatti with Muzzy Bad To The Bone Bowhunting TV and this is my story of my most memorable black bear hunt ever.

It's May 30, 2010 and I'm headed, once again, to Alberta for a black bear hunt and I can't wait. The first morning, my guide at Trophy Book Outfitters and I decided to look at the trail cameras to get an idea for what was in the area. Man oh man did we find a stud on the trail camera! The rut was just starting and that's when the big boys come out! (This bear on the screen was a big boy, no doubt.) All of a sudden, just as we were standing there reviewing the pictures, I looked up just in time to see a sow with a big bore following close behind. I instantly got into my hunt mode! I quickly grabbed my bow (oh yeah, and I couldn't leave my camera man behind) and through the woods we went. Unfortunately, that first evening of hunting I didn't get one, but I had the opportunity to see a lot of bears, which was really exciting.

This trophy bear was approximately 600 pounds and measured
8ft from back foot to tip of nose.
Since there were a couple of big bears in the area, I decided to hunt this spot again the next few days. I was hoping to get a shot at that big boar I saw on the trail cam. After chasing several bears and being unsuccessful, I changed my game plan and set up shop on the ground near some big bear trails.

I knew this was going to be exciting, and boy was it ever! We had bears surrounding us. Some as close as four yards away. Dan was starting to think I was a little crazy. (Ok, to be fair, maybe I am just a little.) We had a sow coming in and right behind her was the big boy we saw pictures of on the trail camera. We were 20 yards away and this bear could sense that something felt wrong and decided to leave. I was frustrated and disappointed thinking that might have been my only chance to kill a bear of that size.

Amazingly enough, four and a half hours later out of nowhere, the huge black bear is back! I couldn't believe my luck. As he closes the distance my heart is racing and feels as if it is about to jump out of my chest. Finally, at 16 yards away, face-to-face with this bear, I found that he is even bigger than I had initially realized! He was standing almost four feet tall at the shoulder on all fours. It was extremely hard to keep my composure, but I pulled myself together and made an absolutely perfect shot on a monstrous black bear. I was so relieved, yet thrilled. I had just shot a bear of a lifetime, making this my most memorable black bear hunt ever!

Read the story on The Sportsman Channel Blog
Muzzy Bad To The Bone Bowhunting Website

2012 Fly In Camp - Baited Bear Hunts
Watch this video and see a beautiful colored bear, trophy black bear and a sow with her cubs eating at the bait site. We have a large poplutation of trophy bears in our hunting area and seeing them in the wild is spectacular.

This remote camp provides a true wilderness experience located in prime black bear habitat. Much of this area has never been hunted before. If you would like to hunt in a virgin area over new baits, this may be the hunt for you. It is anticipated that this hunt will fill up fast since we have limited numbers. We encourage you to act quickly.

Read what some of our hunters had to say about their experience hunting at our
Fly In Camp the spring of 2012

Edmon Peveto
Dan, I'll copy John and Tim on this response and I'm sure they will be just as excited to communicate their experiences as well as their excitement in just how much they enjoyed the week. As for my experience, I'll tell you this was by far the BEST outfitter hunt I've ever participated IN! Everything from accommodations, to Mel's fabulous meals, the willingness of Greg and Darcy to just make everything as hunter friendly as possible and the new friendships we established was just top rate. I harvested a 17 5/8 inch boar on the first evening (probably around 250 lbs.) and saw a total of 10 different bears for the week. Of course we were all looking to top Tim's first evening bear, a 19 1/2 inch, 400+ lbs MONSTER. I was startled the last evening of the hunt in "Beans' Blind" when a small bear climbed the ladder as I was holding on another bear on the bait. Oh well, next year will be another great year I'm sure, we're all looking forward to returning next year.

We certainly appreciated the hunts, the experiences, the stories developed and the friendships established between everybody. I'll certainly pass on your website as a favorite although I'm not real happy with letting the secret out just how great an experience it really was, Thanks again Dan!
Bill Davis
"Dan, me and Wesley have been in Saudi working for the last month, just got home. We both had a good hunt and saw a lot of bears. The first day we were there we saw bear and some each day. The first day I saw a good color phase bear but he didn't give me a good shot and the next day he came back and I got him. That same afternoon, Wesley got a good black bear. The next afternoon I didn't see a bear in the stand but Wesley got a color phase bear. Wesley sat with me the next afternoon and saw one good bear but he had began to rub and some of his hair was rubbed off so I let him go. The next day we sat together (Wesley is filming for me) we saw 8 bear, I let a good boar go. Later on in the afternoon he came back and we decided to go ahead and take him. Now we both tagged out and had a couple days left. We saw two different sows with cubs (3 each), the cubs looked healthy and in good shape. Only saw 2 color phase bears, the ones we took, but saw between 12-20 bears. There seems to be bears around all the stands and everyone should tag out. I sent some pictures of the bears we got. I got about 4-5 people wanting to go now."
Steve Bigham

"Dan, I had an awesome hunt/adventure. I personally saw 22 different bears and harvested two excellent ones for myself. I was tagged out by Thursday night. The first was not a large bear, but had a perfect coat, which was what my wife wanted for her rug. It's skull green-scored 16 7/8". My second bear was a brute and green-scored 19 1/2". I saw one color phase (blonde/choc mix) while doing a bait run with Darcy and another right outside camp early one morning as I walked out of my tent. One of the other hunters in camp harvested a nice blonde also. His dad Steve took two bears also (17 5/8" and 19 1/8") Greg/Darcy and Mel were outstanding. I can't think of a better group of guys to be in a hunting camp with. I hunted 3 stand sites and saw multiple bears every night I sat. I just wish I was more of a wordsmith to be able to describe what an unbelievable time we had. It was everything and more we could have expected. We wanted an adventure and we got it. This was definitely a memory of a lifetime."

Mike Giangreco

"Dan, I too can't even begin to explain what a wonderful time I had. I was a little concerned about having too high of expectations and being let down. Well, that was not the case at all. My expectations were not only met but were exceeded. I ended up with two nice bears and that in itself would have been enough. I feel like Steve and I didn't just go on a fantastic hunt, but we felt as if we were hunting with guys that we had known for years. It wasn't a couple of guides and a cook at camp, it was a couple of buddies that we bonded with. I saw approximately 12 bears. I harvested one on the second night that had a beautiful coat with a perfect white "V" on her chest. It was exactly what I wanted even though it was only a 16 1/2". That's the one that I wanted no matter what. The 3rd and 4th night I was skunked again. No bears, but not at all discouraged. On the 6th night I harvested a 17 1/8" boar. With all that being said, Greg, Mel, and Darcy were awesome and the hunt was great. Thank you for everything and I hope this is not the last adventure with you... I've attached a couple of pictures, enjoy. Thanks again for everything."

Lorenz (Switzerland)
Hello Dan, it was a great trip.

Saw about 17 bears in 6 days.
I shot two bears (nice size, nice fur)
Both were P&Y record book bears!

Great camp!!!!!!
Almost too much luxury (wooden floor, electricity in tents, warm shower)

Bait sites/guiding
Very well maintained bait sites, lots of food for the bears
Bait sites looked after regularly
Greg and Darcy and Mel made every effort for us to have a great hunt!!!!!

You can give my email address to potential clients (especially from Europe),
I will recommend you strongly!
Raymond Maddox
Hi Dan,
Greg and Darcy are doing a really great job at this camp!!!! Lots of bears up there. Dan, I think I saw right around 25-30 bears for the week and some were the same ones of course but still very active baits. Yes, Dan I did get two bears. Passed up a lot of large bears just waiting for the monster to come in. Thank you Dan, once again for the great land that you gave me such enjoyment to hunt in and such great people to be around. Other than this it was all anyone could ever ask for in a hunt, which brings me to my next thing on the list... I will not be able to come up next year but my brother and one of the guys from work will be coming up the third week. Save two spots for the third week."

Click the links below to watch more video clips from some of our hunters

"Our first bear hunt"
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12 MB, 2:48 minute video
"The hunt of a lifetime"
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17 MB, 4:03 minute video
"Mission accomplished! "
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18 MB, 4:23 minute video
"Group of happy hunters"
Click to view the video
20 MB, 4:41 minute video

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