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Moose Hunting Success Rates

You will always remember the thrill of observing the moose in his native habitat and the challenges involved with hunting the Canadian moose. We are well experienced hunters ourselves, and we take great pride in helping our guests achieve hunting success.

2011 Hunting Season

Wilderness Moose Hunt
Our first hunters from Texas bow hunters. Both Gary and Cathy had opportunities at two small bulls each while sitting at some of our many mineral licks. Both chose to pass on these bulls. Gary hunted in August with Cathy hunted in September. Our first rifle hunters came on the opening of the rut season, September 24. Mel harvested a good bull on the first morning. Ralph harvested his bull on the morning of day seven. Ernie had several bulls answering and coming to the calling but swirling winds and other misfortunes kept him from harvesting his bull. Our next two hunters, Mark and his son greg, also had plenty of calling action. Greg harvested his bull on day four and Mark, after passing up several smaller bulls did not harvest one. Terry, from Texas, returned for his 11th hunt with us and harvested his eleventh bull and a big black wolf. Mike, also from Texas, shot a nice bull on our mid October hunt.

This year we offered November hunting in our Wilderness Area.  Our first two hunters in November only hunted for 6 days and took one nice bull.
Our last three hunters harvested 2 nice bulls. The third hunter on his third hunt with us, passed on the many smaller bulls and was holding out for a big trophy.  Two nice whitetails in the 140-150 class were also harvested on this hunt.

We will now be offering a moose/ whitetail combo hunt during this last hunt of November which is in the peak of the whitetail rut.

2010 Hunting Season

Wilderness Moose Hunt
We continue to have excellent success on our Wilderness Moose Hunts. Terry returned for his third trip along with his brother Eric who was on his second trip. Eric harvested a good bull about 48" on his second day. Terry harvested a 52" bull on his fourth day. They advised me that they saw 34 different moose on this trip. Our next hunter, Hans from Denmark shot a good 46" bull on his seventh day. The weather was quite warm and slowed the moose activity. Terry from Texas, our last hunter, returned for his 10th trip to hunt moose with us. ON the third morning he harvested a good bull in the 40" range.

2009 Hunting Season

Wilderness Moose Hunt
Terry from Texas returned for his 9th moose hunt and again was successful as he harvested his 9th bull moose. Bruce and Larry, who bow hunted with us in 2007 returned to try again. This time they returned during the rut and brought their rifles as back up. Larry saw 5 bulls and harvested one over 40" on the fifth day. Bruce carried both his bow and gun the whole hunt. On the first morning he had an opportunity at a 60 plus inch bull. He chose to use his bow and could not close the deal. The rest of the hunt he kept looking for that bull. Overall he saw 12 bulls with 7 of them being in close enough range to harvest with his bow. On the last evening he finally broke down and shot a bull about 40" with his rifle.

2008 Hunting Season

Wilderness Moose Hunt
We started the season off with Doc and Bill (hunted with us in 2006 and were successful) returning as our bow hunters again. They came about two weeks later this time and did not find success. Bill had a huge 60" plus bull at 40 yards near a mineral lick waiting for the cow while she drank for about 40 minutes. He claims he will have vivid memories of those large palms and long tines for a long time.

After 8 years we finally had a break in our 100% success rate with our rifle hunters. Terry D who hunted with us in 2006 and harvested a bull just under 50" came back with his brother. His brother harvested a good bull early in the hunt but Terry held off. He passed on several nice bulls in the mid 40" plus range. Early in the hunt he did see a good bull that may have been over 60" and he wanted one like that. He chose not to harvest a bull smaller than the one he shot in 2006.

Our last three rifle hunters also had good success but had somewhat different goals. Mike wanted a young 2 1/2 year old bull for the freezer and on his second day he filled his goal. Pete was just looking for any good bull as he had not shot a moose before and took about a 35" bull on the 4th day. Paul wanted to do a full body mount but only had 6 days to hunt. After passing on many smaller moose, he finally shot a 41" bull on the last day. He says a head mount will have to do for now.

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